Home theatre projector vs TV: Which is better?

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably debating between getting a really big TV or a projector and screen. When we step into a retail shop, we’re often impressed by how much bigger, clearer and brighter TV’s have become over time. However, our exposure to how far projectors have come is rather limited. There’s often a misconception that projectors produce a dull or blurry image but people are tempted to explore this area because of the sheer size projectors can achieve. Well, size is certainly not the only advantage. So the question is, which one is really better?

We’ve listed the pros and cons of both options. This will enable you to truly analyse which one suits your set up at home. It really comes down to the purpose of the room and the space that it’s being set up in.



SIZE - You just can't beat a projector for size and sociability. You could turn an entire wall into a screen if you really wanted.
COST - Projector prices stay relatively the same as you increase in size. You end up paying more for a 85" TV than you would for an 130" projector + screen.
VISION HEALTH - Projectors aren't backlit like TVs. There is far less strain on the eyes because light is projected towards the wall, not into your eyes.


AMBIENT LIGHT - if you have a large amount of light in the room, then it will wash out the image.
LAMPS - Most projector lamps need replacing every few thousand hours. 



BRIGHTNESS - TVs are much more capable of producing higher brightness. You can get a bright and vibrant picture in any light.
CONTRAST - TVs are able to battle ambient light and heighten perceived contrast.


SIZE - TV technology typically maxes out at 88", frequently not making good use of a cinema space.
PRICE - TVs are far more expensive when it comes to cost-per-viewing-inch

So, what do we recommend?

At the end of the day, the decision comes down to your room - size, brightness and functionality. For a dark, dedicated cinema room, we almost always recommend a projector. For a living area with lots of light, a TV is definitely the way to go. If your area sits somewhere between the two, sometimes a combination of both is ideal. Call us on 1300 006 728 if you want to learn more and we'll help you find the most suitable solution for your space.


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