How to create the perfect home theatre


Designing and building your dream home theatre is one exciting project, however it requires a lot of attention to detail. From years of experience, here is some of the most valuable tips we have put together to help you achieve a stunning and seamless finish. 


The ideal space for a home theatre is relatively isolated from the rest of the house, allowing a truly immersive and uninterrupted experience. We have found converting garages, attics, basements and spare bedrooms just perfect.


Controlling the light that comes in from other windows or rooms is extremely important to maximise your viewing experience. There are 2 ways to control the ambient lighting:

(1) Choosing a space with little light such as a garage, attic or basement

(2) Installation of blockout blinds/curtains. If you have uncontrollable ambient light, then investing in a bright projector with a specialised screen is essential.


Realistic, dramatic and brilliant sound quality is absolutely essential for a mind-blowing cinema experience. Whilst choosing the right equipment for your space is important, other elements that make or break a truly sensational cinema experience are:

(1) Sound isolation - simply put, you don't want to hear your kids screaming or the dishwasher running when watching your favourite movie. At the same time, your kids probably don't want to hear that rocket launch in Armegeddon whilst trying to concentrate on their homework. To keep everyone happy, we suggest insulation within the walls plus 2 layers of Gyprock. Replacing hollow doors with solid ones also goes a long way.

(2) Sound treatment - reducing reverberations within the cinema will further enhance the sound quality of your equipment. Carpet, curtains and acoustic panelling will absorb unwanted reflective noise, like echo, within a space. A quick acoustical test: clap your hands. Do you hear "ringing" afterwards? That means your room is "live" reflecting too much sound, which can spoil the surround effects.


With so many options these days, the components of your entertainment system (i.e. BluRay player, amplifier, tuner, gaming consoles) take up a lot of space. They also don't look the best on display. We suggest installing a hidden A/V component shelf, either designed to blend in with your furniture or completely hidden within a cupboard/walls.


Lighting is probably overlooked by many entering the home theatre space. For starters, you must be able to control the lights in your home theatre. Beyond the ability to switch them on and off, being able to dim the lights as well as change their colour will offer you a practical and comfortable viewing experience. Lighting hugely contributes towards the ambience of the room. Some lighting options to consider include:

(1) Recessed lighting fixtures

(2) Mounted light fixture

(3) Hanging light fixture

(4) Wall sconces - fixtures on the walls that can be directed up or down

(5) LED light strips - with different colour settings

(6) Fibre optic lighting – also known as star ceilings.


Tiered flooring, cinema lounges, movies posters and candy bars are becoming popular additions in home theatre setups. Replicating a true cinema experience, these elements add the “WOW” factor to finish off your carefully planned out room.


With so much equipment controlling your entire theatre room, you need something to bring it all together. You want anyone, young or old, to be able to experience the full benefits of the room with ease. That’s where a smart home system comes into place. With a dedicated home automation system, you can simply press “Watch Movie” and the projector screen descends, the surround sound is activated and the lights dim. With all the equipment tucked away, this ensures that your setup is seamless and easy to use.

We understand that all this information may be overwhelming. Please reach out to us if you have any questions and we'd be more than happy to help. Happy designing!


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  • How to create the perfect home theatre – Mr AV

  • How to create the perfect home theatre – Mr AV

  • How to create the perfect home theatre – Mr AV

  • How to create the perfect home theatre – Mr AV


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