Martin Logan Motion 8i Centre Speaker

Martin Logan Motion 8i Centre Speaker

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Martin Logan Motion 8 Center Channel Speaker demonstrates smooth, high clarity and detail from electrostatic loudspeaker and Folded Motion tweeter.

Inspired by the clarity and detail of our ultra-high-end electrostatic loudspeakers, Motion 8 features an exquisite Folded Motion tweeter and powerful bass technology in a compact and affordable package. Key to Motion 8’s performance is the lightning fast response of the tweeter’s light-weight diaphragm combined with a large surface area (8-times that of a typical one-inch dome tweeter) which together achieve a smooth, refined sound with stunning dynamic range and jaw-dropping clarity—certain to inspire envy in audiophiles and non-audiophiles alike.


The Motion 8 uses Martin Logan's acclaimed Folded Motion tweeter for smooth, effortless highs.

The distinctive sound of the Motion series starts with Martin Logan's Folded Motion tweeter. Rather than a dome or cone driver, this tweeter uses a pleated diaphragm that works like an accordion by "squeezing" air to create sound. It requires about 90% less excursion than a typical 1" dome tweeter, resulting in quicker response time and much lower distortion. The tweeter's controlled sound dispersion creates a focused soundstage with a real sense of presence. Music and movie soundtracks sound amazingly detailed, but smooth and effortless, without a trace of harshness.


The tweeter is flanked by two low-mass 3-1/2" poly cone woofers that supply accurate mids and midbass. All three drivers are mounted in an eye-catching curved cabinet that's finished in classic high-gloss piano black. The Motion 6's subtle, modern lines complement just about any décor.


This speaker shines when it comes to accurate mids and highs, but for any kind of bass we strongly recommend a powered subwoofer, like one of Martin Logan’s excellent models.


Frequency Response: 70 Hz - 25 kHz
Power: 20 - 180 Watts
Mid/Bass Driver: 2 x 102 mm
Tweeter: 26 x 36 mm Folded Motion Transducer / 133 x 102 mm Diaphragm
Impedance (Ω): 4 - 8 Ω
Sensitivity: 89 dB
Crossover Frequency: 3000 Hz
Warranty: Australian Manufacturer Warranty
Product Dimension (H×W×D): 142 x 565 x 133 mm
Product Weight: 3.85 Kg